What We Do

OUR MISSION We make IT automatic!®

(automatic: Acting or operating in a manner essentially independent of external influence or control; Self-regulating; Acting or done without volition or conscious control. American Heritage Dictionary)

THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE Business IT is broken! Application software used in business operations is a major obstacle because it:

  1. is too inflexible to adapt to new business needs easily;
  2. takes too long to develop or, when purchased, to install and modify;
  3. delivers little or no return on investment;
  4. provides little, if any, technology or business innovation; and
  5. does not align with or enable business strategies.

HOW WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM We have reconceived business IT, transforming it from a manual, labor-intensive process to a fully automated one with technology for:

  • computer-aided design of how a business is to operate and perform work;
  • validating business designs for completeness and consistency;
  • determining the size of the application software they require;
  • computer-generating the custom software that a business design needs, no more and no less;
  • incorporating a range of platforms to provide technology independence; and
  • supporting management, governance, control, and auditing of business processes, designs, and software.

We do this with our Instant IT™ Computer-aided Business Design and Instant IT™ Computer-generated Software technologies.

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION: We provide unparalleled value to our customers because we provide them:

  1. Focus on their business, not software by specifying how work is performed using InfoNōvus Technologies Instant IT™ Business Design Manager
  2. Speed to market with InfoNōvus Technologies Instant IT™ Application Software to realize benefits and ROI immediately
  3. Lower IT expenses by > 25%   (based on Gartner Research stats)
  4. Technology independence that eliminates vendor selection as a core IT strategy / management concern
  5. Future-proof IT that adapts to new technologies and eliminates IT complexity


InfoNōvus Technologies is dedicated to making IT automatic so it can move at the speed of business. For information regarding company management, advisers, and partners, email us at info@infonovus.com.

RAS Pic   Rick Skriletz, InfoNōvus Technologies Founder and CEO

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