Getting a Business Design ‘Right’

The Problem with Business Requirements

While they may seem similar, a Business Design differs greatly from business requirements. Gathering business requirements effectively has been the most problematic aspect of delivering effective business applications.  Of all the issues associated with project development and management, problems with business requirements rank at the top:

IT Delivery ProblemsCIO Mag on Poor Requirements Practices

The need for a disciplined, complete, and rigorous approach to gathering business requirements is clear. The problem is one of multiple translations: requirements are typically documented using Word or Excel so business people can review and approve them. All technical artifacts such as the system architecture, database schema, and program specifications are “translated” from the business requirements.

Instant IT™ Business Design Eliminates All Technical Artifacts

InfoNōvus eliminates the problems of translating business needs into application software. The InfoNōvus Instant IT™ Business Design Manager provides computer-aided capture of business processes, activities, data, rules, user interfaces, and more that can be validated for completeness and consistency and prototyped for acceptance by the business. No system architecture, database schema, program specifications, or other technical artifacts are developed or required. InfoNōvus’s computer-generated applications do not require them.

The pain that comes from the dollars and delays for acquiring and installing business software has finally been ameliorated.

Getting the Business Design ‘Right’

Because the time between completing a Business Design and using it is reduced from months to minutes, a Business Design can be tested for correctness instantaneously. This means that the cost of trying something out is negligible because making refinements and corrections to a business design is straightforward and requires no technical or IT staff to perform.

Iterative refinements can be developed, prototyped, and validated quickly making it easy to make a business design what the business requires.

Our Instant IT™ Business Design Manager is available today. It gives you unparalleled rigor in defining business process improvements, activities, data, rules, and use cases – all the elements needed for rigorous business requirements – that we validate for completeness and consistency. You can also generate an application prototype to validate the operational flow of your business design before proceeding to develop it as well as a complete business requirements document.

We provide full-scale, computer-generated business applications for our customers that meet their unique and specific needs.

If you want to develop Business Designs and reduce the time to turn your unique business requirements into a usable application from months to minutes, contact us at

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