InfoNovus® eliminates all IT aspects of developing business application software, making programs and computer code ‘disposable.’

Our Instant IT® Computer-aided Business Design allows clients to:

  • focus on and optimize their business operations;
  • reengineer their legacy systems to reduce IT complexity and simplify business operations;
  • lower IT costs dramatically; and
  • have ‘IT Solutions. Delivered Instantly.®’ to their data center or in the cloud with our Instant IT® Application Software.

Enabling the Agile Business

Businesses must be able to ‘turn on a dime’ when market conditions demand but today’s Information Technology (IT) systems, methods, and products are a time-consuming obstacle to this.

InfoNovus enables business agility with our (1) computer-aided business design and management tools that customers use to specify and manage how their business processes will operate and (2) ability to instantaneously generate custom software applications from these business designs. We do this over the Internet at a fraction of today’s costs for application development and maintenance.

We make IT automatic® so you can focus on your business, not your software.

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